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Wipro QTP Interview Questions
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can any body clearly explain about hybridframework with the explanation for files what ever we come acros in this frame work?

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Are You using any frame work? What is that? Explain about that.

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In what situations QTP will not recognize the Objects?

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How you test the object which is dynamically changes its location?

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Using Object Repository is a advantage or disadvantage?

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When to use Descriptive programing?

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How to retrieve the data from database?

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how to write vbscript on web applications in qtp. explian with one example?

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what is the diffrence between script and Language ? (Chandana)

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How can i count the list box elements in QTP ?using script plz explain me (Chandana)

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Explain me in deatail about DATADRIVEN framework including scripts ?(realtimes plz)(Chandana)

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Explain the difference between smart identification and object identification withn clear example. please it is very urgent

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How to database testing by manualy?in my db having 100 records when i am retriving the data from db it shows in frent end 30 records how to find bug using QTP?plz Exp realtimers (Chandana)

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How to convert non-reusable action into reusable action in QTP?(i know by default QTP will take it as a non-reuable action )(Chandana) plz urgent?

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Give answer with example what is orthogonal array testing technique?

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Wipro QTP Interview Questions

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