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what is meant by descriptive programming?

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what is meant by descriptive programming?..

Answer / khemlal sinha (mcafee)

when you record an application in QTP it will add that object in object repository . while running the test it will identify ogject based on the property available for that object in repository.

in descriptive programming you will write the description of each object in the script itself so you won't be dependent on object repository .

let me know if you got it or not

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what is meant by descriptive programming?..

Answer / siva

In DP, we’re "manually" specifying the properties and values by which the relevant object will be identified. This way QTP won’t search for the properties data in the OR, but will take it from the DP statement. This can be done in a fast, ad-hoc way, in the very line of the command we want to execute

The syntax is: Class(PROPERTIESSTRINGS).Command, where PROPERTIESSTRINGS specifies the properties and values for the object’s identification.
For example:
VBWindow("property1:=value1&#8243;, "property2:=value2&#8243;).Click

VBWindow" class is just an example for DP with VB objects

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