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Wipro QTP Interview Questions
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Write a code check the checkbox in the web table which is in the 4th row and fifth column (Use child item concept)

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How to integrate the qualitycenter with qtp


in data driven testing for performing operations which method is easy from manual test data,keyword view,or from database.and why?


1>why parameterization is necessary in qtp? 2>if we give constant value then what problem?

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During execution, how can we capture the data from the pop- up, ie. when any popup comes with some numbers written on it, then how can we capture the value/number that is coming on the pop-up and save in the dynamic file/or other file, even when the run is going on.

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How to perform action on objects, If two objects have the almost the same name ? example : Object 1 : "Entry of Items" Object 2 : "Items" Whenever I ask QTP to perform an action on Object 2 it performs action on Object 1. Note: The two objects are present in an Oracle Application tree.

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how to retrieve data from flight resevation->reports

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what is Smart identification

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for example u can take ebay or plifcart online shoping web application--------- write acode in vbscript in qtp---- search box and write (iphone6)and click on go button then opened diff prise iphones in next page but u can select 30,000 to 90,000 list pls write code? 

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I want to assign values in a table in my software, in first column i will give values, table is of 4x4 i.e 4 row and 4 columns, i m using VBScript in my automation work. it is a simple table for giving values.

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Wipro QTP Interview Questions

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