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Wipro QTP Interview Questions
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what is framework in QTP? any one give me answer

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What is the exact difference bet function and action in QTP Anybody can explain it in detail..Thanks in advance..

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How to call .vbs funtion , Library files in QTP? plz Explain indetail(chandana)

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what r the verstions from 1st to present (verstions) of mercury tools (like winrunner,QTP,Loadrunner) ? Chandana


How to call .vbs functions in QTP? plz Explain indetail

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How to call actions in QTP?

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if my application shows 100 records and in my database having 200 records how i can validate using QTP tool?plz exp. in detail?

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How to use library files in QTP? how we can call these files in to script?

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What is RTM (require ment tracebulity marix) fromate?


Can we use index on view?


if mandatory and Assitive propertys are shows same how will u write skript in QTP window


What is Curd testing?


what is frame work?

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what are all the fileds present in object repository?


what frame work you are following?


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Wipro QTP Interview Questions

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