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Wipro QTP Interview Questions
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i have qtp 9.4 ver software.but i don't know the license key. if anyone have license key please send it to my personal mail id(


I want to know can we integrate visual source safe tool with QTP and QC for our version controlling process? WE know QTP and QC 10.0 version is having the version control inbuilt in it but I want to know the merits and demerits of the inbuilt version control tool and the visual source safe tool using QTP and QC.


In QTP how can we recognize objects Without using Object Repository?

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the presentation layer of my application is built using VB 6.0 and a series of C++ dlls and components. We do not use Java, VB.Net, C## or any other component that can be decompiled. We are automating the application using HP Quick Test Professional. It is not reconginizing the combo boxes, tabs etc.... Could you please suggest, whether QTP supports C++ dlls and components or not...if yes, could you please guide me, how to overcome this situation. Can we install any special add-ins for this C++? .When we are performing the recording/execution, the application becomes very slow. Your quick response will be highly solicited in this regard.

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Which is the best testing institute for QTP training in Hyderabad.

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How can i open a file in Textpad and replace a string with another using QTP

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1)Difference Between Value & RawValue?

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1)What is the Difference Between WaitTo & Sync?

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How to handle Dynamic Arrays?


Excepton Handling?


Difference between object identification and smart identification

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How to maintain the old scripts in QTP?

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what is the difference between wait and wait function

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What type of automation frame work you are using?and why?

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I have a tool for automation testing (eg:qtp).I have two functionality(A & B) to test.A is tested once in a year. B is tested everyday. At present i have the money and resource availability to automate only one functionality.Which one will u suggest and why?

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Wipro QTP Interview Questions

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