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Explain me in deatail about DATADRIVEN framework including
scripts ?(realtimes plz)(Chandana)

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Explain me in deatail about DATADRIVEN framework including scripts ?(realtimes plz)(Chandana)..

Answer /

in DataDriven framework we have to pass the test data for parameterization from external sheet like excel and we have to write script (record and playback is not followed by all companies)

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Explain me in deatail about DATADRIVEN framework including scripts ?(realtimes plz)(Chandana)..

Answer / chandana

Thank u Pallvi.

by chandana

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Explain me in deatail about DATADRIVEN framework including scripts ?(realtimes plz)(Chandana)..

Answer / venkat

Data driven framework is an approach while automating Test
case, in that

"Test script" is being separated from the "test data"
All the test data being send to the Test Script as a parameter
All components should be placed inside a single project folder
Components like
Library folder
Repositories folder
Test Data folder
Business Scenario Folder
Results Folder
Driver Script Folder

We have one Business Scenario and Test data excel sheet
From the Business Scenario Excel sheet, we configure the
Scenario and test case execution

Normally we create "Action" for any execution. But here we
create those action as an ".vbs" file and make it as an
external function, and those functions are kept stored in
the "Library" folder. We call the function using the
function name based on the corresponding test cases while
For Ex:
U created an "Action1" for "Customer Registration"
In data driven approach, that action, u need to convert
that action as an function
Function Fn_CustomerReg
'Your execution scripts
End Function
And this should be stored as a separated ".vbs" file ex
And associate this function through script whenever u required

We have only one Action, that action we call as an "Driver
Script". That driver script being executed by another ".vbs"
file. We call it as an "Automation file" or "Configuration
/ Execution" file.
Simple we can say,
here we dont maintain 'n' number of "Actions".
Instead of "Actions", we create "Library Functions"
To make any changes of execution, we dont require to change
the code.
Instead of that, we can configure in the "Business
Scenario" excel sheet, which test case to execute and how
many times it to execute.
And test data are being separated from the "Test Script"

Code Maintain and execution is simple

Code creations are complex

If you are not cleared with this explanation, i explain in
detail clearly through email.

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Explain me in deatail about DATADRIVEN framework including scripts ?(realtimes plz)(Chandana)..

Answer / pallavi nandula

QTP can be used with Keyword View(u do not need to program
the automation script, thru Record/playback code gets
generated automatically) and Expert View (automation code
is manually scripted). Though "Data Driven" testing is
possible thru both the views, data driven framework is
mainly concerned with Expert view. For example, for the
fields that u want to parameterize, we store the respective
field values(data) in a data table such that for the each
iteration u run, data is driven from the data table.using
the object model reference ur code in expert view can be
further enhanced.For ex: for the client server flight
example, try different wrong logins(by parameterizing)using
function concept and capture the recovery scenarios and
automate the login such that after 2 or more failures user
successfully logins.

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