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what is framework in QTP? any one give me answer

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what is framework in QTP? any one give me answer..

Answer / ashok kumar

HI,suppose test engnr every day execute no of test cases &
Functionalities through QTP.amongthoughes some of d
function or functionlities or modules v have 2 use
frequetly .so tht difcult 2 call every time those functions
whenever v need so that v put all functions &
functionalities ,test data & corresponding
functi0nalities ,some specific files ,whenever user v
reruire dis concept is called as frame is easy 2
maintain all library files.
QTP provide no of frame works
-liniar framework
-modular framework
-keyword driven

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what is framework in QTP? any one give me answer..

Answer / hari krishna

It is a Generic or Common Frame Work (set of Guidelines)
designed by the Experts and used by many people to
accomplish or to finish a task in an Effective, Efficient or
professional and Optimised Manner.

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what is framework in QTP? any one give me answer..

Answer / prasad

Frame is a Systematic procedure that is followed by a
company to automate for a test

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what is framework in QTP? any one give me answer..

Answer / n@n!

a systamatic arrangement in the from of tree structure is
called frame work

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