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ingenaral realtime prjoects how much load and bottile neck
will take part in a project?(Chandana)

ingenaral realtime prjoects how much load and bottile neck will take part in a project?(Chandana)..

Answer / srinivas

If you mean, how much scaled down version of production to
be used for performance test environment simulation:

Number of unique users should be the same. I mean if prod-
site gets hit from x uniquie user-ids concurrently at peak
load, better to simulate same no. of users in your tests(
which generally is not done so can go with atleast 75%).
Because no. of users do determine the connection holding
ability of the servers.

In case of TPS, simulate according to the scalling factor u
have used to architect your test env against the prod.
Here i mean, if tps rating of prod-h/w divided by tps
rating of test-h/w is 1.5, then you can try to load your
test env with full tps load capacity just to ensure test
systems burn bfore prod-systems burn(if they were to burn
in case of bad app).

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