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TCS Load Runner Interview Questions
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What is mean by Soak testing in Load runner?

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where do you save u r scripts in Load Runner?

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here 100user and 8hours time and 500000 transactions what r the inputs nees for this scenario?

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Where do u use Performance testing ?

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can anyone help me in getting a sample of TEST CASES..please, i am new to LR and i am having an interview tuesday.....please and any other tips

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How can we invoke a parellel process in load runner using C or perl language?


In Real time what should be the duration(30 min,1 hr) of the loadtest? In the controller how do we handle errors and failed transactions.....When the transactions fail, do we perform the loadtest again? Can anyone please help?

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What is the differences between parameterization and correlation ?

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What are the major challenges u faced in performance testing ?

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How to reinstall LoadRunner Trial version without formatting the system

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What is user defined functions in Load Runner ? Give some Examples ?

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which exception will be loadrunner send during recording of oracle database

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what is global checkpoint

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What is Workload? Can anyone explain in detail?

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When will u do Lad Testing,Stress Testing, Spike Testing and scalability Testing?

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TCS Load Runner Interview Questions

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