what is difference between OP AMP and differential amplifier?

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what is difference between OP AMP and differential amplifier?..

Answer / m.ulaganathan

an operational amplifier is defined as to perform
some operations like
an differential amplifier is an classification of
an opamp in which it is used to make the
difference of signal at the output

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what is difference between OP AMP and differential amplifier?..

Answer / rajat jain

a little bit modification to above answers-
An opam is an amplifier designed to perform specific
operations such as
etc. A diff. amp is a part of opam. And opam can also
function as differene amp; which amplifies the difference
of the two signals.

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what is difference between OP AMP and differential amplifier?..

Answer / vinamra

An op-amp is a type of diff amp which amplifies the voltage
signal at its 2 differential inputs whereas and differential
amplifies amplifies the difference signal

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what is difference between OP AMP and differential amplifier?..

Answer / sahil

Diff-amp is basically designed as DC-amplifier so that it
will be suitable for IC fabrication .Also the lower
frequency response is also improved.Taking i/p as
difference of 2signals is required so as to eliminate noise.

Diff amp is one of the stages of the Op-amp.Op-amp is
having very high gain which is obtained by using diffamp
transistors as darlington pair and their gain beta is
increased by punch through effect.

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what is difference between OP AMP and differential amplifier?..

Answer / deepika

Well, you can build a differential amplifier by using two op-amps.
From a practial point of view the difference is simply that a differential amplifier has TWO inputs and amplifies the DIFFERENCE between two signal; an op-amp configured as e.g. a standard non-inverting amplified will amplify a signal with respect to ground (i.e it is a single-ended amplifier).

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