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can anyone explain aboutovrOVRDBF,OPNQRYF, OVRSCOPE and

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can anyone explain aboutovrOVRDBF,OPNQRYF, OVRSCOPE and OPNSCOPE? ..

Answer / nag

OVRRSCOPE parameter controls which program in the call stack
will be aware of the override. OVRSCOPE has three possible
*ACTGRPDFN(Activation group definition)
*Callvl (caller level)
Specifying OverScope(*Act for GrpDfn) which default
if the override is issued from the default activation group
it is call level override
if the the override is issued from a name or *new activation
group the ovrscope(*ActGrpDfn) override iscoped to that
activation group.

The OpnScope parameter determines which of two levels of
opnScope(*JOB) means all call stack entries that see the
overide will share the same openpath,
OpnScope(*ActGrpDfn) all call stack enteries override will
share the open data path with toher call stack in same
activation group

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can anyone explain aboutovrOVRDBF,OPNQRYF, OVRSCOPE and OPNSCOPE? ..

Answer / kraja

ovrdbf is a command in cl which is used to override the
database file without locking it.for further details pls
contact k.raja

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