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TCS Struts Interview Questions
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How can I make own ActionServlet? with example

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struts comes under which layer of three tire architecture in real time projects plz i need explaination?

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diffrence between dispatch action and lookupdispatch action write simple web appliction (insert records in database)

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i have list of values(e.g 100). using logic:iterate, how can i print the multiples of 5th element? how the logic:iterate will understand the multiples of 5.

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What is the use of ActionErrors in Struts?

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Hai all.Can i develope Struts action class without execute(-,- ,-,-)method.Ifd it's possible plz provide some sample code.

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Hai all.What is the use of tag in struts application.

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we have two applications A1 & A2 both are accesing the same databse table employee at the same time how we will manage this so that both application can get the correct no of emloyee while A1 is inserting a employee at the same time while other applicatuion is getting the empployee list.

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can anybody tell.what is the difference between Forward Action and Action Forward?

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what is is the use DynaActionForm?

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What types of Actions we have in Struts?

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can we change the location of struts-config.xml file?

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In struts how to use regurlar formbeans using validation framework explain?

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1.can we transfer a request from one struts application to another struts application? 2. how many types of action servlets r there what r they


what is struts? why Struts?

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TCS Struts Interview Questions

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