explain the struts-configuration file?

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explain the struts-configuration file?..

Answer / venu

struts-configuration file having the folling componets

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explain the struts-configuration file?..

Answer / zurreyab ahmad

<data-sources />
<form-beans >
<form-bean name="LoginForm" type="RegisterForm" />


<global-exceptions />
<global-forwards >
<global-forwards >
<forward name="success" path="/success.jsp"/>
<forward name="failure" path="/failure.jsp"/>
<action-mappings >

<action path="/login" type="RegisterAction"
name="LoginForm" scope="request" >



parameter="com.yourcompany.struts.ApplicationResources" />

the controller first goes to action mapping and check the
name of action mapping and action form if same then goes to
action form then check reset method and reset request and
check valideter method and then forward action class

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explain the struts-configuration file?..

Answer / guest

In Answer 1 , controller configuration is missed

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