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TCS Cognos Interview Questions
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hai frndz....... in a product name QUERY ITEM column we have some products like..soap, mobile, laptop, nd so on..... when i report run for the US client with the product name,, langauge is requird only ENGLISH.... IF client as a chaina .or, japan .or, spanish.. they want to run report using by product name QUERY ITEM as thier region language like chaina/japan/spanish... how to i convert product name column as default as english, to chaina/japan/ the framework manager/ cognos connction Could u pls give me problm solution.....thnx in advnce........

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Hi.. friends, dis Bhaskar p.if any of u having realtime scenerios.. plz send to me.. my mailid s send ASAP.. waiting for reply..


what happens when date function has taken as attribute

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what use of surgate key in project

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I want to schedule the report as to do

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What is portal page?

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Usage of Stored Procedures in Cognos

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can any one explain about blue prints&performance tuning in cognos? 

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TCS Cognos Interview Questions

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