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TCS Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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What is the difference between data converson and data migration

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what is subledger accounting

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What is Payment Process Profile? and What is use of Payment process profile

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How to Reconciliation AP to CM ? How to Reconciliation AR to CM ?


Explain the Document Method ?

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What is the use of SLA ?

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Charge Back Setups ?


I have created an invoice and made the payment in Accounts payable. Now the payment status is Negotiable and accounting status is processed. I reconciled the transaction in Cash Mgmt, The status changed from negotiable to Reconciled in CM. I checked the payment status for the invoice in payment window(AP), the payment status changed to RECONCILED UNACCOUNTED i.e correct but the accounting status is remain processed which is not the correct. I hope the transaction will be correct if the accounting status would have changed to PERTIAL . Please suggest any solution for the above query.


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TCS Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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