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TCS Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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What is Interest Invoice and how it can be created?

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What is a Hold? Explain the types of Hold

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How many key flexfields are there in Payables?

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Explain the set up used for Automatic or Manual Supplier Numbering.

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Can you hold the partial payment if yes then how?

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What r the Innovative solutions we create for that?

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Can anybody tell me, What is the Implementation Process?

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Can we maintain 2 sob's for one company, how?

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How can we Define Corporate law sob and Income Tax law Sob?

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What r the Documents We can create while implementation?

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What is the Functionality of Oracle Applications E-Business Suite?

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What r the GAPS can we find out while Implementation?

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What are all the standard interfaces in the GL,AP,AR,PO,OM and INV?

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While you are in implemenation what are the u issues faced? tell me what some issues?

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whichever documents prepaired by the FUNCTIONAL CONSULTANT while implementing project by using AIM.

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TCS Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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