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TCS HR Questions Interview Questions
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q.1 how to explain strength & weaknesses or what is strength & weaknesses Q.1 show u r confidence

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If i gave any work to do? you dont have any knowledge on that technology... what ll you do?

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what is your weakness ?

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what is ur weakness?

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Hi, I had the HR telephonic round of Accenture on May-19th and got the confirmation from HR that I got through. I submitted all the documents that were requested, and got confirmation even for that. For about one month there was no call or mail from Accenture, then after a number of mails to the HR, I got the info that I was kept in hold state. After couple of months I got an auto-generated mail from Accenture that my profile was put in Archived state. Now it is about 5 months that I attended the final telephonic interview of Accenture. Could I expect any response from them?

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hai please send me hr interview questions

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how you believe that you have team leading capability???

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how many infotypes we will use in OM.


Hello, I have attened interview on Selenium and I cleared technical,Hr round in accenture through Sourceone Consultancy on 23,July,2011.I send all my documets and EAF and BG forms.They told me that we will send offer letter next day .but they did n't send offer letter till now ...Can anyone please comment on this


what will be the questions asked by interview if we mention cooking as hobby?

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What is your Biggest weekness?

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What irritates you about co-workers?

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why TCS?

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questions hr ask in interviews to freshers

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Is it possible to have Virtual Constructor? If yes, how? If not, Why not possible?

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TCS HR Questions Interview Questions

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