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what is ur weakness?

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what is ur weakness?..

Answer / mita

My Weakness : I can't sleep until my work has been complete.I
never talk anything which may hurts other's feeling.

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what is ur weakness?..

Answer / kiran

My weakness is that, what ever work I have
been assigned, inorder to ensure perfectness I
tend to perhaps spend a little too much time in
checking it.

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what is ur weakness?..

Answer / ravindra

I will strive hard and do the work effectively as i would plan
certain things should happen in certain way if it did not
happen like that then i will feel little weak immediately
i will stat thinking why it happened so analyse and present
it in a better way thus i can convert my weakness in to a
strong and confident strength.

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what is ur weakness?..

Answer / akash

what may happen just try to adopt it

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what is ur weakness?..

Answer / rachana joshi

I like working in a friendly environment where people are
set free to express their own opinions n work acoording to
the way they like. unless the the environment is not
conducive i dont enjoy my work coz i believe in "Team
work".Its all about me and my surroundings!!!

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what is ur weakness?..

Answer / barnie

I usually get involved a lot or even too much in every
project and I tend to expect the same from my mates. It
could be not fair sometimes.

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what is ur weakness?..

Answer / jothi

My vocal volume is very low... So it shows to hr that i dont
hav confidence eventhough i m very cofident....

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what is ur weakness?..

Answer / mohammed shoaib

I am a sensitive and emotional person...
i try to do things even if i dont know...

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what is ur weakness?..

Answer / sarath

its best to say your weakness that is already corrected by you.
For Eg.
"I was weak in my communication, but i have corrected it by regular practice., by talking to my friends."
(Definitely they will analyse whether your communication skill is good)

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what is ur weakness?..

Answer / g.n.jyothi

sometimes i push my people too hard and i like to work with
a sense of urgency.

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