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TCS SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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what is the difference between the query and corelated query

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write a qurey for finding the length of the sting.

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Create table emp (id number(9), name varchar2(20),salary number(9,2)); The table has 100 records after table created.Now i nee to change id's Datatype is to be Varchar2(15). now Alter table emp modify(id varchar2(15),name varchar2(20), salary number(9,2)); Whether it will work or returns error? post answer with explanation.

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what is oracle sql,pl/sql with interfaces

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a table has 2 classifications 1)liabilities 2)earnings this liabitity has 2 elements with 2 input values and the earnings have 2 elements with 2 input values i wrote a query so that my input is liability savings amount1 amount2 xxxx null xxxxxx 0 xxx1 null xxxxx1 0 null yyyy 0 yyyy null yyy1 0 yyy1 my problem is --when i developed a report(d2k) with this data my o/p is liabilities,amount1,savings,amount2 xxxx xxxxxx xxx1 xxxxx1 yyyy yyyy yyy1 yyy1 how could i move this savings,savings values 2 palces up. can any body provide me witha better solution


What is the difference between SQL Constraint and PL/SQL constraint.Pls give all the constraint name.

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what is the difernece between named and anonymous pl/sql blocks??

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can we use out parameter in a function?Give an example.

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Describe the Index, Types of index, At what situation we have used? Which one s better than others?

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Table Student has 3 columns,Student_id,Student_Name & Course_Id. Table Course has 2 columns, Course_Id & Course_Name.Write a query to listdown all the Courses and number of student in each course.

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List the differences between plsql - function & procedures

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What is pl/sql tables?

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What is a mutating table

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If a procedure within a package is invalidated whether the entire package will be invalid and has to be recompiled again?

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write a query find which rows of a table is updated on 2 days before?

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TCS SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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