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TCS SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets?

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Two Methods of retrieving SQL?

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What are the types of triggers ?

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Types of locks in database ?

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Types of indexes. What is the default key created when a primary key is created in a table ?

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What is clustered, non-clustured and unique index. How many indexes can be created on a table ?

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Can we create non-clustured index on a clustered index ?

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Types of backups ?

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What is INSTEAD OF trigger ?

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What is difference between triggers and stored procedures. And advantages of SP over triggers ?

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Write a query to get 2nd maximum salary in an employee table ?

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Types of joins ?

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What are nested triggers ?

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how do u call in & out parameters for stored procedures?

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How toimport .dmp file in lower version of oracle from higher version ?

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TCS SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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