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TCS Interview Questions
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purchases goosd in cash rupees 6500

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For clinical entire study how many tables will create approx?


1.Password less authentication in linux & Solaris

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For 280kw power. Which cable I can usr

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Whats the purpose of neutral earthing?

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I have created an invoice and made the payment in Accounts payable. Now the payment status is Negotiable and accounting status is processed. I reconciled the transaction in Cash Mgmt, The status changed from negotiable to Reconciled in CM. I checked the payment status for the invoice in payment window(AP), the payment status changed to RECONCILED UNACCOUNTED i.e correct but the accounting status is remain processed which is not the correct. I hope the transaction will be correct if the accounting status would have changed to PERTIAL . Please suggest any solution for the above query.


How to speak fluently English

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what is the difference between line voltage meter and relays

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Safety measures in air circuit breaker

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what are all the challenges you faced in project implementation as a sap fico Consultant? & what are all the challenges you faced in ticketings?

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How to find response time in loadrunner?

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What is Conio.h ?

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What is industrial plc


why we need java instead of c


write a query that displays every Friday in a year with date?

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TCS Interview Questions

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