what is the difference between line voltage meter and relays

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what is the difference between line voltage meter and relays..

Answer / viral shah

Voltmeter is measurement device and relay is sensing device.
from relay you provide protection,indication and measurement.
from voltmeter you can measure only voltage.

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what is the difference between line voltage meter and relays..

Answer / usha

Voltmeter is used to measure voltages and the relay is a sensing device to sense the faults of the transmission line. And it protects the transmission line by the certain fault conditions.

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what is the difference between line voltage meter and relays..

Answer / ayyappan

Voltmeter is mesurment of voltage.relay is electric magnetic condactor

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what is the difference between line voltage meter and relays..

Answer / k. dhinakaran

Voltmeter is mainly used to measurement the all the voltage
Bt the relay is mainly used for protect the system in power system. Relay is a electro magnetic contactor. Relay is easily energized the fault and tripping the MCB..

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