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TCS Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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What is Goodwill? If it is treated as asset in Balancesheet then what is on its opposit side i.e. liability side.

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What is the difference between Deffered Tax Assets & Deffered Tax Liabilities


difference between contra entry and double entry?


What is Accommodation Bill


how we will prepare n file income tax returns for individuals?explain


What is the Capitalmarket and speech 10 min in capital market? What is Mean by Share,Dividend,mutualfund, detail answer? details of Share market? What is mean by nav & npv over all finance related interview question?

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what is drawbacks of account

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what is the meaning of MIS Report , and what are the usages in MIS Report, how to prepare ,

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What are the benefits ofparticipation in a depository?


what is the diff between CASH CREDIT limit & margin.

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How to prepare a final account?

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what is gdr

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there are five participants A, B, C, D, E in 25M USD syndicated loan, and A is lead manager. the borrower is ready to pay 0.4% ($100000) participant fee. how much each participant will share participant fee?

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What is Mar-gen Of Safety ?

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what is the meaning of capital market?

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TCS Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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