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what is struts? why Struts?

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what is struts? why Struts?..

Answer / pavan

struts is open source frame work and also provides m v c design pattern it provides parallel development and also it has plug ins for validation framework and tiles framework

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what is struts? why Struts?..

Answer / prasad

struts is an open source frame work.

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what is struts? why Struts?..

Answer / suresh royal

struts is web frame work to develope the MVC architectural based java web application having capability to generate integrated logics of controller layerdynamically based on the logics given by developer view ,model and controller.
Struts provides abstraction layer on top of servlets and JSP.

struts supports validation and Tiles Frame worksan and I18N so we go for struts

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what is struts? why Struts?..

Answer / khan

Struts framework is an open-source framework for developing the web applications in Java EE, based on MVC-2 architecture. It uses and extends the Java Servlet API. Struts is robust architecture and can be used for the development of application of any size. Struts framework makes it much easier to design scalable, reliable Web applications with Java.

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what is struts? why Struts?..

Answer / kapil

Struts is a Framework,Struts bcz it help us to make a good
MVC Model .

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what is struts? why Struts?..

Answer / kripa

as we know struts is an open frame work which gives efficient mvc modelling support with the validation facility , and also it reduce the working for developer to make it secure cause it gives an excellent encryption technique through which we can hide our working by giving it action support

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