Can we assign multi distribution channel (like 2 or more)
to a single customer in sap sd sales process ....
if yes then how ?

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Answer / neil

Yes , there r two ways for it ,

first you can create customer by xd01 , put same customer
no. then put sales area (dist channel )though which you
want to supply to that customer . in referance column put
sales area for which that customer already exist.

second, you can create common distribution channel .

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Answer / sunil rout

1.You can assign more than one distribution channel by
creating many sales areas(only distribution channels are
different)for the same customer in t code XD01.

2.This can be done through common distribution channel in
customizing.But the problem is that all the configured
distribution channel will follow the reference distribution
channel.That means all the other customers can use the
sales area for which they are not defined.

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Answer / gajanan

just need to extend the customer master to the new
distribution channel which is we are pre configured in img
as a sales area

if any query send mail on

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Answer / syed rafi

Go to XD02 And extend the customer in to other Dist.Channel

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Answer / ramesh

As per the niel,its is possiable with comman

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Answer / nagaraju lagisetty

while creating customer we need to assign the customer to
the respective sales area, we should copy from previous
sales area in XD01 through reference

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