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Wipro Business Objects Interview Questions
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Tell me the difference between cmc and cms?

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can i use stored procedure in webi?

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When N reports are scheduled for N users, How does the BCA process /know to which user the report needs to be sent?

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what are the documentations u r created?

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1.How to convert deski document to webi in infoview? 2.what is connection type for free hand sql?

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hi all of u, i want to learn the course in SAP(BI).because of there is no calls for BO. And the another region is it will be converted into SAP module. is it OK for me? is there any feauture in coming days? could any one plz send me the message


In a Webi Report, Once u r entering a month name,it displays the that month details and after and before month details.How it is

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I have the one Universe. I take the data from the Excel Sheet. Now i want to get the reports from the two.What is the process

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What is the short cut join?

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Once the project is submited to the Client. Client says that report is taking long time to run? Where u need to check?

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What is the sheduling the report? What is the need of sheduling the report?

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Explain about Short cut join?

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What are the different types of connections?Explain?

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What are the traps ? What are the disadvantages of traps?

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What are the Users and User groups?

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Wipro Business Objects Interview Questions

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