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What are the Users and User groups?

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What are the Users and User groups?..

Answer / vikram kumar

User and user group are the terminology which we can found in CMC basically.
User refer to person example - (john, rex, marry) these are the users and we can say it as uaser1, user2, and user3 respective. these users are responsible for various works like from development to support.
user group - collections of users under one divison or section is known as user group.
ex - a user group named as XYZ contain user1,2,3 so XYZ is a group. It can be also called as collection of users.

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What are the Users and User groups?..

Answer / rajasekhar

The user are
user),guest( acess guest account), PMUser.
the administrator can create new users and allocate the group.
The groups are
administrators, BO-NT users, company, everyone,
objectlevelsequrity-private ,objectlevelsequrity-public,
report conversion tool users and universe designer group.
the administrator can create new groups and give privileges

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