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Wipro Business Objects Interview Questions
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Can Bo generates the Report from the cubical data Explain?


How we will see which trap(Chasm trap or Fantrap) was used in the Universe ?

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normally we get many contexts when resolving loops or traps,how do u take them to reports.

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please differentiate star schema and snow fleak schema with dimension table, how end user is depending on them in creating reports.

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please anyone explain the equi join,outer joi(right outer join and left outer join),theta join and self join with database tables.

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If 2 tables are joined by Shortcut join, if query is generated based these join, what will be the join type and what will be the generated query? Thanks in advance?


Can some one say abt "ALL" in prompt .. How to get the word "ALL" in the prompt along with the list of values? Plz give me the steps?

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What is the differrence between prompt & @prompt? What is the differrence between Xcelsius & Web-I Report?

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what are the roles and responsibilities of BO Administrator ?

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why less number of records in loop? why more number of records in traps?

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Wipro Business Objects Interview Questions

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