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Tell me the difference between cmc and cms?

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Tell me the difference between cmc and cms?..

Answer / marti

I think you swapped the difnition

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Tell me the difference between cmc and cms?..

Answer / ram

The Central Management Console (CMC) is included for full
control over the BI
platform. In addition, specialized administration
interfaces are provided when you
require administration of specific-user access, document
creation, and server
configuration. This is particularly important in
decentralized system management
environments where different people are responsible for
different aspects of the
deployment. The result is a powerful, open, and complete BI
platform that meets
the needs of end users while providing IT with full control
over the deployment.

The Central Management Server (CMS) is the central platform
service and is
responsible for maintaining a database of information about
your BusinessObjects
Enterprise XI system. All the platform services are managed
and controlled by the
CMS. The CMS also manages access to the system file store
where the physical
documents are actually managed. The system repository
database is maintained
using the provided MySQL database, or by using your
preferred IBM DB2,
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle database, or Sybase ASE . The
database structure
is automatically created when you set up your
BusinessObjects Enterprise XI
system or it can be configured on a different database if
you want to move your
implementation to another environment. All access to the
repository is managed
directly by the platform and management interfaces and by
the SDKs.
The CMS data includes information about users and groups,
security levels,
BusinessObjects Enterprise content, and services. The CMS
also maintains the
BusinessObjects Enterprise repository, and a separate audit
database of information
about user actions.

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Tell me the difference between cmc and cms?..

Answer / nameer

In simple word we can say
CMC(central management console):
it is client tier product. it is client or web interface
which is mainly used to create users,groups etc. It is also
used for giving access rights, start and stop the services.
CMS(central management server):
It is a intelligence tier product. Mainly used to store all
tthe bo enterprise syatem details, user information, server
finformation etc. without CMS services like infoview,cmc
will not work. Mainly it has two databases called system
database and audit database. Heart of Business objects.

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Tell me the difference between cmc and cms?..

Answer / simha

CMC : Central management console. It manages & maintain all
server groups. It must & should enables all 28 servers or
services. then otherwise webi,cms ..etc products are not
working. at that time only designer & Deski working. so, u
must enables all servers in cmc .

CMs : central management server. It creates users, groups &
server group settings. It also maintain the security levels
also. In xir2 supervisor + BCA combining in CMS. here
distributing & shceduling docs directly.It is just like
admin for all other users or groups. It creates & manages
the folders & Categories.

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