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TCS Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is accrual concept?

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Purpose for maintained RG 23a Part II & RG 23c PArt II? give brief discussion....

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What is the difference between the service organisation and trading organisation

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what is difference cash flow and fund flow with example

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what is depreciation ? and its entries ?

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what is break even analysis ?

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At the time of depreciation run we selected actual dep key is 5% but we taken 7% so the depreciation was posted wrongly how to rectify it?


Can we transfer balance on gl a/c to another Gl a/c if what is the process steps and tr code?

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which chart of depreciation copy for our Indian companies in sap(fi-aa)? please give answer. Thanking you, mohan


what is journal entry ? please describe in detail.

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What is the full form of RTS in banking ?

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How to calculate opening Balance of Profit and loss account

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What is net Facilities?

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what are the errors in brs?& what is useful of them?

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Field Status group in SAP is defined at which level? Please respond with one line reasoning for your thought.

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TCS Accounting General Interview Questions

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