Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?

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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?..

Answer / suryanarayana.madhura

qtp:To compare static and dyanmic images through qtp

winrunner: to conduct testing on static images only.

qtp: In this three types recording is possible

WINRUNNER: In this two types of recoring is possible

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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?..

Answer / naren

some other imp diff..
1.QTP supports different technologies like SAP
applications, Macromedia applications, PeopleSoft etc which
is not supported by WinRunner

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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?..

Answer / vijay/chennai

Comparing to winrunner it's a user friendly tool. Using the
QTP we can generate the clear results.

We used to write the code in winrunner is TSL and similarly
it's like C.

QTP supports the VBS.

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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?..

Answer / sugandhi

1.Supports dynamic page
2.More check points ,ex:XML,Text
3.Divide script into Logical units
4.Can call functions
5.More recording methods.ex:Low level

1.Supports static page only.
2.Limited check points
3.Cannot split script
4.There is no option to call functions
5.Context and Analog only
6.Supports C and HTML page.

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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?..

Answer / bharathchowdary

Main difference between winrunner & QTP is
QTP Supports .netApplications & Full fledge java
Applications, these are not suppoerted by winrunner .

QTP having 9 check points where winrunner is having 4 check

we can create reuasble action in QTP but not in winner.
these are the major differences.

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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?..

Answer / mangai

Winrunner: It contains 4 types in addins. Powerbuilder is
their in winrunner. but in qtp it is not there.
Winrunner: It contains GUI Editor but Qtp contains Object
Winrunner contains Exception Handling. Qtp Contains
Recovery Scenario to handle exceptions

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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?..

Answer / prashanth

-->WinRunner uses Test Script Language which has limited
resources and QTP uses VB Script which is very powerful
-->Parameterization is easier with QTP than WinRunner and
any thing in QTP can be parameterized.
-->Data driven testing is easier with more options in QTP
than WinRunner.
-->WinRunner uses GUI Map File and QTP uses Object
-->WinRunner-GUI Map per test and Global GUI Map File
QTP- Object Repository Per Action and Shared.
-->There are more point and click options in QTP than

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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?..

Answer / priyareddy

1.QTP allows even novice testers to be productive in
minutes. You can create a test script by simply pressing a
Record button and using an application to perform a typical
business process. Each step in the business process is
automated documented with a plain-English sentence and
screen shot. Users can easily modify, remove, or rearrange
test steps in the Keyword View.

2.QTP can automatically introduce checkpoints to verify
application properties and functionality, for example to
validate output or check link validity. For each step in
the Keyword View, there is an ActiveScreen showing exactly
how the application under test looked at that step. You can
also add several types of checkpoints for any object to
verify that components behave as expected, simply by
clicking on that object in the ActiveScreen.

3.You can then enter test data into the Data Table, an
integrated spreadsheet with the full functionality of
Excel, to manipulate data sets and create multiple test
iterations, without programming, to expand test case
coverage. Data can be typed in or imported from databases,
spreadsheets, or text files.

4.Advanced testers can view and edit their test scripts in
the Expert View, which reveals the underlying industry-
standard VBScript that QuickTest Professional automatically
generates. Any changes made in the Expert View are
automatically synchronized with the Keyword View.

5.Once a tester has run a script, a TestFusion report
displays all aspects of the test run: a high-level results
overview, an expandable Tree View of the test script
specifying exactly where application failures occurred, the
test data used, application screen shots for every step
that highlight any discrepancies, and detailed explanations
of each checkpoint pass and failure. By combining
TestFusion reports with Mercury Quality Management, you can
share reports across an entire QA and development team.

6.QTP also facilitates the update process. As an
application under test changes, such as when a ?Login?
button is renamed ?Sign In,? you can make one update to the
Shared Object Repository, and the update will propagate to
all scripts that reference this object. You can publish
test scripts to Mercury Quality Management, enabling other
QA team members to reuse your test scripts, eliminating
duplicative work.

7.QuickTest Professional supports functional testing of all
popular environments, including Windows, Web, .Net, Visual
Basic, ActiveX, Java, SAP, Siebel, Oracle, PeopleSoft,
terminal emulators, and Web services.

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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?..

Answer / sofia

In winrunner 2 types of TSL test script ie.
1.Main test
2.Compiled module
But in QTP,
only one type of test script ie.Main test.It doesn't
support compiled module.

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