What is boxing and unboxing?

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What is boxing and unboxing?..

Answer / sri4u_926

Boxing: Converting of Stack based values into the Heap
Based values i.e coverting of a value type to a reference
type is the Boxing.

UnBoxing is vice versa.

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What is boxing and unboxing?..

Answer / maloy.adhikari

Converting a value type to reference type is called Boxing
and Converting reference type of value type is Unboxing.

int i = 1;
object o = i; // boxing
int j = (int)o; // unboxing

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What is boxing and unboxing?..

Answer / gowtham

Boxing: To convert value type to reference type.

UnBoxing: To convert reference type to value type.

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What is boxing and unboxing?..

Answer / zeenat

Boxing:- Creating a Instance of a object and passing the
value of a variable to that object
dim x as integer
dim y as object
y = x - Boxing process

x = y - unboxing

Unboxing :- passing a value of a object to the varible

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