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TCS C Sharp Interview Questions
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What’s difference between Association, Aggregation and Inheritance relationships?

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What are iterators?

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What are Generics?

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What are nullable types? Is Nullable I and int ?i are same.

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How to assign default value to nullable types? Did nested nullable types are allowed

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What is covariance and contravariance? Did Delegate and method overriding support these?

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Did a generic class can be inherited by a normal class?

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Difference between dispose and destructor?

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What are virtual methods? How are they used?

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use of operator overloading of implicit & explicit operators?

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what is the difference between int and Int32?

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When static constructor is invoked?

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When compiler adds a default constructor to a class?

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what is the difference between passing a value object by reference and a reference object by value?

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what is output parameter and parameter array?

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TCS C Sharp Interview Questions

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