How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio?

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How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio?..

Answer / ananya

There are many ways to improve the performance of the
graph. It also depends on a particular graph, the
components used in it.
In general the following tips can be used for improving
1> Try to use partitioning in the graph
2> try minimising the number of components
3> Maintain lookups for better effeciency
4> Components like join/ rollup should have the option
Input must be sorted, if they are placed after a sort
5> If component have In memory: Input need not be sorted
option selected, use the MAX_CORE parameter value
6> Use phasing of a graph effeciently.
7> Ensure that all the graphs where RDBMS tables are used
as input, the join condition is on indexed columns.
8> Try to perform the sort or aggregation operation of data
in the source tables at the database server itself, instead
of using it in AbInitio.

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How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio?..

Answer / mahendra garewal


Performance of graphs can be improved by employing the
following methods.
1:use data parallelism(but efficienty).
2:try to use less no of phases in graphs.
3:use component parallelism.
4:use component folding.
5:always use the oracle tuned query inside the input table
component this will give huge performance improvement.
6:Try to use as less as possible the components which does
not allows the pipeline parallelism.
7:Do not use huge lookups.
8:if data is not huge always use in memory sort option.

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