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TCS Teradata Interview Questions
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which option is used to restart the fastexport script ?

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what are the uses of fact table and dimension table in banking project?


what is the default character set in teradata,,?

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what are the roles and responsibilities of teradata DBA ?

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what are the day to day activities of teradata DBA ?


I want to write one query How to get Matched records and unmatched records in table?

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TCS recently asked this question I have records like below Emp id Empname Salary DateTimestamp 1 AA 6000 20120609:11:30 1 AA 7000 20120609:12:30 1 AA 8000 20120609:01:30 I want to exceute records max timestamp(20120609:01:30)

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Difference between client character set and server character set? What is the use of these two?default character set in teradata?

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TCS Teradata Interview Questions

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