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TCS QTP Interview Questions
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How can we retrieve the Bug Ids which are open&Reopen in status through QTP scrit?Please find the script which i tried... Dim objBugFactory, objBug Dim BugId Set TDConnection = QCUtil.TDConnection Set objBug = TDConnection.BugFactory If QCUtil.IsConnected then Reporter.ReportEvent 0, "Connected", "Connected to server: " + QCUtil.TDConnection.ServerName + chr (13) +"Project: " + QCUtil.TDConnection.ProjectName + chr (13) + "Domain: " + QCUtil.TDConnection.DomainName Reporter.ReportEvent 0, "Current time on server is","==>" & TDConnection.ServerTime Else Reporter.ReportEvent 1, "Not connected", "Not connected to Quality Center" End If If mybug.Status="Open" Then BugId=mybug.DefectId MsgBox BugId End If 'OR**********************************--------------------- -----********************************** If Bug_Fields("BG_STATUS").Value ="Open" Or "Re Open"Then BugId=Bug_Fields("BG_BUG_ID").Value MsgBox BugId End If


how to do regression testing in qtp? plz give ans with examples

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Give me diffrent script in QTP for Webpage(Java and .Net),WindowsBased Applications,Java application,.Net application...

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More details about keyword driven technique in QTP

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I learned all the objects of my application in object repository thru English Language. now i want to use same object repository for other languages(French,Dutuch and Chinese)

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How can we encrypt the username using recording mode in login window? There is 2 encrypted types what are it

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1. How can we use same object repository and Testscript which is in English flavor to check the application in different languages thru QTP?(Chinese,Dutch,French) - I generated script in english and want to use the same script with different languages? - for windows i used regular expressions - I need for edit box,button and combobox, (English,French,Dutch,Chinese) These are the properties of a button in different languages Properties English Dutuch Chinese French x 400 758 631 601 y 673 603 592 676 windowstyle 1342242816 1342242816 1342242816 1.34E+09 windowid 2 2 2 2 windowextended style 4 4 4 4 width 120 120 120 120 visible TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE righttoleft reading FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE righttoleftlayout FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE rightaligned FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE regexpwndtitle cancel Loschen Chinese language Annuler regexpwndclass button button button button objectclass button button button button hwnd 132872 657228 656932 656782 height 33 33 33 33 focused FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE enabled TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE attached text abs_y 669 599 627 597 abs_x 396 754 588 672 text cancel Loschen Chinese language Annuler nativeclass button Button ordinal Identifier type,Value none none none none smartidentification FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE comment

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one page contain next button.when we enter that its not going to next page.what type of error that one.

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How to do call a output parameter from one action to another action??/


I dont know how to configure non standard objects to standard objects in QTP9.2 can i have someone explain me in breify?

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How to use custom checkpoints in QuickTest Professional?

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What are the versions of qtp,What are the differences b/n them?

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What are the common defects found in your project? (in qtp interview)


How to change the screen name while running the test.

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What is the current version of QTP and now it is the product of Mercury or HP

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TCS QTP Interview Questions

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