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I learned all the objects of my application in object
repository thru English Language. now i want to use same
object repository for other languages(French,Dutuch and

I learned all the objects of my application in object repository thru English Language. now i want..

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First I tried to use a non language specific way of
identifying the object, like the Window ID ( a unique number
, it is also only 1 primary identifier). This means that
each object is usable irrespective of language. This of
cause does not work for a window or a dialog so here I
create a Environment file for each language ( including one
for English, xml but simple) and then map the window O.R.
item to that environment variable ( a little complicated )
and then on execution I find out the current language and
use that as part of the Environment file to load like
EVF_English.xml so if it finds French then it loads the
EVF_French.xml environment file. Since its only windows I
have to worry about since you can not have a window ID for a
window then there are fewer vairables I have to have in the
Environment files. Oh and one more thing the Environment
variable can not have spaces in it so you can use
Environment("MainWindow") but not ("Main Window").

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