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TCS Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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I have BCA degree but it correspondence study, during my study time I am in a company so I have 3 years experience and also mention in my resume that I have done my degree crom correspondence, they send me a mail to attend the interview. Does they accept my candidature as I am from correspondence study? Plz reply soon.


MY name is Bartlemou (bartek for short)Uzeph Kazmeria I am from poland and one day i want to go on polsfactors IM POLISH AND I KNOW IT :D


tell me something about chennai

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tell me about ur self

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where u will use your specialization(B.Tech) in BPO?

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Speak for 2 minutes about your favourite destination or a dream city

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why have you chosen this company?

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How to speak fluently English

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What's confidence and overconfidence?

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When do you want to start?


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TCS Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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