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TCS Core Java Interview Questions
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what is sendredirect?

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what is difference between Action messages and Action errors?

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What are the steps to do connection pooling in weblogic?

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what is business delegate?

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how to use finalize()Method to resources

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What is Exception handling in Java How do you handle run time errors please explain with an example

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Diff between C++ and java?

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what is jndi?

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what is java bean?where can we use it?

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what is features of jdk 1.5?

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different types of threads?

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public class AboutStrings{ public static void main(String args[]){ String s1="hello"; String s2="hel"; String s3="lo"; String s4=s2+s3; //to know the hash codes of s1,s4. System.out.println(s1.hashCode()); System.out.println(s4.hashCode()); // these two s1 and s4 are having same hashcodes. if(s1==s4){ System.out.println("s1 and s4 are same."); }else System.out.println("s1 and s4 are not same."); } } Somebody told me that, == operator compares references of the objects. In the above example even though s1 and s4 are refering to same object(having same hash codes), it is printing s1 and s4 are not same. Can anybody explain in detail why it is behaving like this? Thanks in Advance RavuriVinod

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What is the purpose of premetive data types in java?

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Howmany number of objects we can store in an ArrayList. Is there any limit?

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What is the basic functionality of DataOutput interface in java?

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TCS Core Java Interview Questions

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