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TCS Core Java Interview Questions
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why java does not support mulitple inheritance directly?

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1).Is Object class abstract or not? 2).Is main method(public static void main(String args[])low priority thread or high priority thread?

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1).what is the difference between below examples String s="vijay"; String s=new String("vijay");

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Is ResultSet class?

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What is data abstraction? Elaborate with example?

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What is the is a and has a relation ship in oops concept in java?

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what is the difference between pagecontext and servletcontext?

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can you create interface instance ?

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is memory to the abstract class allocated ..or objects not instantiated

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explain the life cycle of thread?

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23. Storage space in java is of the form Stack Queue Heap List 24. What is java code embedded in a web page known as Applets Servlets scriptlets snippets 25. Which of the following attributes are compulsory with an tag?. code,height & width. 26. What does 'CODEBASE' in an applet tag specify?. Files absolute path.


Need 2+ yrs experienced java techinical question papaer for company Iflex

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can we create object for static class in java

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what is an anonymous class?

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How to provide security in java


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TCS Core Java Interview Questions

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