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TCS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is regression testing?

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what is meant by test stretagy?

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What is difference between SDLC and STLC?

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How to write testcases for a general objects like 1.pen 2.paper 3.printer 4.Mobile 5.Bulb machine 7.calculator 8.Mobile 9.telephone...etc

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EXplain the diffeenet types of bugs.....

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What is the need of testing? Give three reasons....

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11.what are two of your weaknesses?


what is meant by spiral model?explain with picture?

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What is a TEST CONDITION?When it is used?who prepares tesst conditions? Also pls explain me clearly with an example.Plsss reply me fast. Thanks for the repliers.

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write the negative test cases for pencil based on it's functionality

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Hai, Can anybody tell me what is test scenarios and how to write test scenarios, pls give me one example.

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explain sdlc?

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What is the difference between functional testing and behavioral testing?

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What is scalability testing

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What is meant by Hot Keys?

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Post New TCS Manual Testing Interview Questions

TCS Manual Testing Interview Questions

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