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TCS Interview Questions
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I am Using QTP 9.1 version. I have created a Shared Object Repository. The size of Shared Object REpository is 9 MB. In my system i am able to execute the script very flexibly and it is very fast. But if i copy the same code into other system with the same configuration, it is executing very slowly(i.e dam slow). It is not happening in all machines it is in only some machines. Can please any one give th esolution. It is high priority to me as i need to give demo to client on their machines.

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How variant configuration is used in implementation project? give me an example

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Write a program to print all the prime numbers with in the given range

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what is the difference between RHEL4 & RHEL5?

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Adobe puzzles: . . . . . . . . . connect all these dots using 4 continuous clue u can extend the line after the points also. basket contains apples,second basket contains oranges and third basket contains apples and oranges the labels are wrongly mentioned.pick one fruit from one of these basket and find which basket contain which fruits.

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Why VCB and SF6 breakers to be used in HT used by cant ACB of higher rating to be used for 11kv and 33kv.

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Is there any sectional cutoff and upper cutoff in the Test Pattern for the Airports Authority of India?

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what is your aim in life?

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If we shrink the Databse and Files, how much size is decreased?

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What is the need of BPO?.what is meant by outsourcing? Can companies can't do the work, why should they approach BPO and call centres to do their work.?

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I have table name'temp' in that I wanted to add some partial data for a particular column name 'policyno' where data is existing in that column. Ex.Policyno like 'R-KT-SK- EA-134526' like 100 records. In that 100 records some policynos are just like 134527 I mean with out prefix like'R-KT-SK-EA-' now I wanted add this prefix as 'R-KT-SK- EA-134527' for some 50 records. How can I add partial data?

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how to know the total memory occupied by the objects in the ArrayList(Array list may contain duplicate objects)


what do machine key element in configuration file specify?

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we are implementing Negative and Positive time evolution for our client..and they need the absence quota to be automatically updated for all the employees at once. I did this for Negative Time management with out payroll integration by using TQTA. but how to do it(absence quotas should be automatically updated for all the employees ) by running positive and negative Time Evolution with TMSTA 1 and 9 .

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i have two flat files.i want to select one record from that file by using jcl.for example file1 contains emp no,name,joining date. file2 has same details.emp no is primary key. i will give empno.that emp details send to outfile.please let me know if any one knows it.give sample code.

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TCS Interview Questions

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