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TCS C Code Interview Questions
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C statement to copy a string without using loop and library function..

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There are 21 people in a room. They have to form groups of 3 people each. How many combinations are possible? Write a C program to print the same.

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In a gymnastic competition, scoring is based on the average of all scores given by the judges excluding the maximum and minimum scores. Let the user input the number of judges, after that, input the scores from the judges. Output the average score. Note: In case, more than two judges give the same score and it happens that score is the maximum or minimum then just eliminate two scores. For example, if the number of judges is 5 and all of them give 10 points each. Then the maximum and minimum score is 10. So the computation would be 10+10+10, this time. The output should be 10 because 30/3 is 10.


write a c program to Create employee record by taking details like name, employee id, address and phone number. While taking the phone number, take either landline or mobile number. Ensure that the phone numbers of the employee are unique. Also display all the details

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why is printf("%d %d %d",i++,--i,i--);

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TCS C Code Interview Questions

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