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TCS Interview Questions
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i want to job in your company, so how it will be possible.

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which type of aspect you want from the student.


When u ll use Record Button in QTP?Is VB script is Mandatory in QTP? What is Meaning of Frame("v1")?

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i want to develope a page for online test using with so, how to insert the questions in the database sqlserver2000 and how to pick the questions randomly when user login for test. plz send the code for this....

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How do we come to know the Source data/file is ready/Updated in the source location, when the session is scheduled for @12:00AM and ready to run its job ? or Can we schedule the session, when the source is updated in source location without any time constraint?

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Hi Anil, When we importing the journals in GL module we need to insert the one row into GL_INTERFACE_CONTROL for each group_id.Now my question is what is the use of inserting the data into GL_INTERFACE_CONTROL table and if I not inserted into GL_INTERFACE_CONTROL what will happen

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How to hide the table s in webi?can any one tell me plzzzzzzzz

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market u r self


What all are the changes to be made in JCL so as to do testing?

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What all comes under test case review?

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after technical interview,& hr inverview ,they asking ?any question's from your side

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What is set function in sql .E.g.What is difference between union and union all

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Except the SRS window in which we can submit the concurrent program.

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Can any one say me wat does"maintanence of universe" means wit?

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How to link one location universe to other location universe

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TCS Interview Questions

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