Hi Anil,
When we importing the journals in GL module we need to
insert the one row into GL_INTERFACE_CONTROL for each
group_id.Now my question is what is the use of inserting
the data into GL_INTERFACE_CONTROL table and if I not
inserted into GL_INTERFACE_CONTROL what will happen

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Hi Anil, When we importing the journals in GL module we need to insert the one row into GL_INTERF..

Answer / amit chhiber

Hi Anil,

Oracle has provided the feature of multi table journal
import which will enable the data to be imported from more
than one table. This increases the performance of journal
import program in case of huge data.
The Journal Import program looks in the
GL_INTERFACE_CONTROL, to understand the table from which
the data should be imported for a particular combination of
Source and Group ID. Usually in your regular practice, you
are adding a row in this table and specifying that the data
is in GL_INTERFACE table. However as explained, you can
also specify a different table name here(say X), in which
case Journal Import will go to that table(X), to import the
I hope this helps.

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Hi Anil, When we importing the journals in GL module we need to insert the one row into GL_INTERF..

Answer / nagabhushan

If not inserted into GL_INTERFACE_CONTROL, cannot import
into GL.

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