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Wipro Informatica Interview Questions
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Work flow failed when it is set to Bulk mode but it was successful when set to normal mode y??(All the connections are fine and exactly correct)?

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In Lookup transformation a sql override should be done and disable the cache how do you do this procedure?

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In Lookup transformation a sql override should be done and disable the cache how do you do this procedure?

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What is the diff. b/w informatica versions 8.1.1 and 8.6.1?

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my source having 10 records but how can i load 20 records in target, i am not bother about duplicates?

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following scenario empsal table i want who exist one lakshs sal above monthwise? ` empsal empid monthyear sal 1 jan2008 1000 2 march2009 50000 3 april2009 4000 4 feb2009 100000 5 jul2009 600000 6 dec 2008 90000

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source : col1 101 101 101 102 102 102 103 103 103 col2 1000 1500 2000 1200 2300 3000 2400 1300 2000 i need target as col1 101 102 103 col2 1000,1500,2000 1200,2300,3000 2400 1300 2000

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what is work of PUSH DOWN option

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who to split dimentions into sub dimention

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i have f;latfile source. i have two targets t1,t2. i want to load the odd no.of records into t1 and even no.of recordds into t2.

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what is the diff b/w cached and unchaed look ups

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Diffrence between 7.1,8.1 and 8.6

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how can one come to know wether the records loak into the target if we use update strategy

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how can one eliminate dupliacte data with out using distinct option?

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What are the technical challenges faced in Informatica production support member? Give any one example and how to solve it?


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Wipro Informatica Interview Questions

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