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hw to load this give the mapping?

cty state o/p

c1 s1 c1

c1 s2 s1
c1 s1 c1
c2 s3 s2
c3 s4 c1
c3 s2 s1

2 columns should be loaded to one column in target table?

hw to load this give the mapping? cty state o/p c1 s1 c1 c1 s..

Answer / balaramesh

first create one normalizer transformation ,double click on
it ,select normalizer tab create column(column name is
cityandstate).set 2 in occurs field and datatype is
string ,next click ok. then automaticaly two input ports
(cityandstate,cityandstate)and threee out pouts
(cityandstate,gk_cityandstate,gcid_cityandstate) are
created.then set city is one inputport(cityandstate) and
state is another input port(cityandstate).set citystate
(outputport) to target table.

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