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Wipro Informatica Interview Questions
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How do u identify or filter out a 0 byte file available in a folder by using UNIX command?

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Can we use unconnected lookup as dynamic lookup?

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In which situation we will use persistant cache and shared cache in real time. plzsss answer with example

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I have a text file name x With a text message. Word informatica Is repeated for n number of times. How to count the number of occurrence Of word informatica Of word informatic in this file x.

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how to join two flat files in informatica?

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how to join two flat file if they have diff. structure?how to join one relational and one flat file?

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if i have one mapping and we already tuned that mapping for performance,everything is fine and loading will take 1 hr,so without doing any change in mapping how could we reduce the loading time from 1hr to 1/2 hr.

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in what type of scenario bulk loading and normal loading we use?

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how can we run workflow with pmcmd?

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Can anyone please distinguish what is Inner join and Outer join

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What is the exact difference b/w IN and EXIST in Oracle..?

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My flat file source is C_Id 1-nov-2011 8-nov-2011 100 2000 1500 101 2500 2000 I want my Target as C_Id Week_Num Amt 100 45 2000 100 46 1500 101 45 2500 101 46 2000

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Can any one give me an example for factless fact table ? If your answer is studunt attendence registration,could you plese give me explanation for this ?

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I have source like col1,col2,col3,col4 and the values are like 3,6,1,7 1,5,3,8 2,1,5,6 i want the output like 3,6,7 5,3,8 2,5,6 How we will achieve in this scenario in informatica level. Please help me.. Thanks in advance..

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Why should we use star schema in datawarehouse design?

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Wipro Informatica Interview Questions

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