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Wipro Informatica Interview Questions
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can every transfomation reusable?how?

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how can u avoid duplicate rows in flat file?

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If in a workflow i have n number of sessions and each session is configured with different different stop on errors (say 5,8,10 etc respectively).How can make all this same for all the sessions with out actualy touching each and evry session ?

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How can i explain my project architecture in interview..? in Igate asked me tell me your project flow from source to target..?

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i have 2 mapings for this 2 mapings i want use only one lookupt/r how?

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hi, as al you know, we can set the option in session level as all rows treat as like insert,update etc., And also we have update strategy for flaging records as insert,update etc.. then when we will go for above options and what is the difference.. explain..

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explain any diffcult scenario that u have faced in your experience... or explain any complex maping u have developed?


i have flat file it contains 'n' number of records, i need to send half of the records to one target table and Remaining half to another target table: pls full details

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Hello Everyone,i have one question on sequence generator.i have two targets and the records comes from the source will place in the targets like 1-10 rec in target1 and 11-20 rec in target2,21-30 rec in target1...etc so any one can help me? plz..Thanq in adv.

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what is normalizer transformation?

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how eliminate the duplicates in flat file with out using sorter ,aggregater

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explain abt ur project architecture?


source table have 3 records? and it is sucessfully loaded into target. and 4more records is added in to source .that means 7 records now in source. we have to load the remaining 4 records into the same trgt table with maintian top 3 records. how ?can any one give me the data flow of this logic plz?

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source table have single column single record having with single space. load that source record into trg . trgt having two columns and the SOURCE TABLE LIKE COL1 BHANU PRASAD TRGT TABLE COL1 COL2 IN THAT LOAD THE RECORD IN THE trgt table LIKE COL1 COL2 BHANU PRASAD HOW ? TELL ME PLZ

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Normalizer transformation is not involved in Mapplet.. why???

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Wipro Informatica Interview Questions

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