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Wipro Interview Questions
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how disable usb device in group policy editor all configure tell me early



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what is HRA ? How will calculated ?

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how many sale tax charged on the billing for central dealer by uttar pradesh dealer at furniture items ? & how many sale tax charged for u.p. dealer by up dealer ?


Is it possible to run a c program without using main?If yes HOW??

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How can i stop the telnet service in solaris 8 and 9?

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How u can detach or remove the disk it is in Veritas (Vxvm) control that is the disk in the production server ?

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I need to compare two VSAm files. In input VSAM file some fields are updating and the updated feilds are coming into the output file. now i need to compare these two files with respect to a perticular field. Please suggest a suitable JCL code me.

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examples for newtonian and non newtonian fluid

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What is availability check? How can it be done?

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Difference between null pointer and dangling pointer?

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what is sale entry, purchase entry, credit note , debit note entry?

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which one is best sorting technique and why?

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I have a DataGrid in which two of the columns are editable...i want to update the backend table with the newly edited data of the datagrid. How to do this please help me.

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Why do you want to join Wipro /BPO/Call Center?

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Wipro Interview Questions

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